The payment of dividends over the next few years will mainly depend on the Company’s results, its cash flow situation, its investment policy and the reduction of its debt.

Extract of Bylaws

The General Meeting may offer shareholders the option to receive dividends paid either fully or partially in cash or shares, within legal guidelines. The General Meeting may also decide to pay a dividend in kind or to offer the choice for either part or all of a dividend to be paid in kind or in cash, within legal guidelines.

The reserves at the disposal of the General Meeting may be used, upon resolution, to pay a dividend to shareholders. In this case, the resolution will explicitly indicate the captions from which the deductions will be made.

The Extraordinary General Meeting may, using profits and reserves other than the legal reserve, resolve to amortise, in whole or in part, shares which will lose the right to be redeemed at their par value.

The methods of dividend payment are fixed by the General Meeting or, failing that, by the Board of Directors. Dividends must be paid within a maximum of nine months following the end of the financial year, unless the period is extended by a court ruling.

The Board of Directors may, within applicable legal and regulatory entitlements, distribute one or more dividend deposits before the financial statements for the year are approved.

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