Shareholding structure at 30 June 2015

% of voting rights based upon the number of voting rights, excluding treasury shares and shares held as part of the liquidity contract.

As of this time, the Company is not aware of any agreement between investors.

Shareholding threshold disclosures (Article 10 of the bylaws)
Any natural or legal person, acting alone or in concert, who acquires 2% of the share capital or voting rights or any multiple thereof is required, within five trading days of reaching the shareholding threshold, to disclose to the Company by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, sent to the registered office, the total number of shares and voting rights held and his or her intentions towards the Company.
Unless disclosed as stipulated above, shares exceeding the disclosure threshold will be stripped of voting rights in the conditions provided by law, if one or more shareholders holding at least one-twentieth of the share capital or voting rights so requests it at the General Meeting.
This disclosure requirement is in addition to the statutory shareholding threshold disclosure requirement.

Find out more about NextRadioTV share capital within our registration document here.


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